Peter "SaberUK" Powell

Malvern, Worcestershire, UK (relocation possible)

» Summary

I am a software developer that primarily specialises in development for desktop and server platforms using the C# and C++ programming languages.

I have been working on open source software for 11 years. Currently most of my open source development time is spent working on InspIRCd. InspIRCd is a modular C++ implementation of the Internet Relay Chat protocol which is used on over 1600+ servers. I also contribute to the IRCv3 Working Group as part of my work on InspIRCd and have authored several IRCv3 specifications.

I am in the process of obtaining a software development honours degree from The Open University. I am expected to finish this degree in June 2018 but due to the remote nature of my study I am available for hire before this date.

» Technical Skills

Programming Languages

C# Advanced • 9 years
Ruby Advanced • 7 years
Perl Advanced • 6 years
C++ Intermediate • 5 years
Java Intermediate • 1 year
Lua Novice
Rust Novice
Shell Scripting Novice
SQL Novice

Development Tools

Visual Studio Advanced • 10 years
TextMate Advanced • 6 years
CMake Intermediate • 3 years
ReSharper (R#) Intermediate • 5 years
Clang Static Analyzer Intermediate • 2 years
RubyGems Intermediate • 3 years
NuGet Intermediate • 3 years
BSD/GNU Make Novice

» Education

BTEC National Diploma IT for Practitioners (Software)
Time Period
BSc (Honours) Computing and IT
Time Period

» Contact

If you are interested in hiring me and want to know more then drop me an email. Other contact details are available on request.

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